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UNEP MGFC IC Day 2 : Full Recording of Session Nature for Climate cluster moderated by Djatougbe Aziaka


From 7 to 9 September 2021, Major Group Facility Committee (MGFC) of UNEP held an International consultation towards UNEA5.2, Stockholm+50 and [email protected]
During the consultation, the Nature for Climate cluster held a breakout session moderated by Djatougbe Aziaka, the co-facilitator of NGO Major group of UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) on day 2 (8th September 2021).

The Special Guest was His Highness the Prince, from Saudi Arabia
Pr.Moteb Bin fahad al saud, Chairman of “The Saudi Association for Environment and Combat Desertification “. He joined the breakout session and gave the welcoming speech.

The main Objective of this session is for capacity building and information
Session will allow participants to discuss the latest IPCC reports, its political implications and the link from COP26 to UNEA5.2. This session will discuss challenges related to climate change and will invite an Expert to report from the latest IPCC report. What initiatives might be important ?

Here Find the full recording of the session.

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