Top Seal, a viable process for sustainable and less expensive roads

A new process used in the construction of road infrastructures has just emerged in the construction sector in Togo. This is Top Seal, a product that would be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. With a low need for maintenance and resistance to weather, the use of Top Seal will have to be beneficial to the populations in the cities but especially in the rural areas for more resistant and practicable tracks for at least three (3) years.

The product has been efficiently tested in the national laboratory of the BTP and answers in terms of ownership and degree of compatibility to Togolese soil. In addition, with a high-yield polymer emulsion and an emulsion not derived from hydrocarbons, Top Seal is said to be environmentally friendly. Discovered in the United States of America where it is used extensively by the US military to stabilize its bases, this new technology has also proved its worth in Latin America and also in our western neighbors, notably in Ghana and in Ivory Coast. It thus returns to its phase of concretization in Togo with the official launch that took place on February 24, 2017 in Lomé by the managers of the company Itineris Africa (Promoter of the product) in the presence of several political and administrative authorities.

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