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Hygiene and Sanitation: the difficult condition of people living close to the great landfill of Agoè Adjouyiko

The landfill at Agoè Adjouyiko due is the major landfill in the city of Lome. The landfill receives waste from various sources including households, companies and other municipalities and due to poor management it has turned out to be a major source illnesses and environmental pollution.

Communities that live around the landfill are heavily affected and their lives particularly the lives of children are in serious danger if urgent measures are not taken to remedy the situation. Hygiene and Sanitation remain a primary challenge to be resolved by the Togolese authorities. Despite  efforts made, the problem has persisted around the main landfill at Agoè Adjouyikodue.

It is important to take into consideration that the Republic of Togo is one of the 2 countries that were nominated as pilot countries in the implementation of SDGs. SDG 11 calls for promotion of Sustainable Cities and Communities. What is happening at Agoè Adjouyiko is contary to SDG 11.

The testimonies gathered from the community is proof that  despite the many actions taken by the leaders of this neighborhood of Lomé  through the Village Development Committee (CVD),  their cry of distress  seems to have fallen on deaf ears. The discharge from the landfill has become a real “slow killer” emitting volumes of toxic liquids and fumes which if not controlled will cause a major health and environmental catastrophy in the area.

The right to live in a healthy environment is one of the human rights and these communities deserve to enjoy this right.

This  mini documentary is intended to highlight the case so as to raise awareness and prompt responsible authorities to take urgent and concrete actions in order to save the lives of people and children living in these communities.

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