CUDP / Davié-Noèpé section: Helen CLARK welcomes the progress of the work

The second leg of UNDP Director General Ms. Helen CLARK’s 48-hour visit to Togo involved a visit to the Davié-Assomé-Kovié-Noepe road which is funded under the UNDP infrastructure development component and basic socio-economic facility. The section is currently under rehabilitation.

Upon completion this project is expected to among other things, open- up access to this locality, which is famous for production of rice.  The project is also expected to boost the rural economy once completed. At the construction site and throughout the section Ms. Helene CLARK was received and congratulated by communities that are and will benefit from the project. She assured them of successful completion of the project.

In her remarks she said in principle UNDP plan to spend approximately 258 million US dollars or 155 147 034 112 CFA francs in the country. The amount is expected to cover 62% of the Togolese population who are categorised as living in the rural area and are vulnerable:

Your web TV is presenting pictures taken during her visit to Kovié…


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